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Welcome, I'm Shantanu Tushar, currently pursuing B.E. in Computer Science And Engineering at B.M.S. College Of Engineering, Bangalore. You'll find here mostly, apart from my personal details, technical stuff that I am able to put on here. Please share your views and comments in the Feedback section.
Please note that all content here is the best to my knowledge, and I do not take responsibility for any direct/indirect loss caused by following the text herein.


Made the Add Applet... panel context menu option to work

Since the new Widgets Explorer was added to Plasma, the Add Widgets... options from the Panel context menu was not working. I thought it might be fixed later because Widgets Explorer was in heavy development.

When plasma-desktop refused to start automatically

Recently after recompiling my KDE build, I was exploring what has changed in the few weeks when my notebook wasn't with me. Marco is really working hard on the netbook shell and I thought to give it a try. Man, it looks superb and I like that on my notebook :)
Anyway, I switched back to the regular Plasma desktop and after I logged back in, plasma-desktop refused to start automatically. I tried removing my .kde, but no luck.

Added HOME/END keys navigation support to folder view plasmoid

As pointed out on BUG: 187241 , Folder View applet didn't support navigation using the HOME and END Keyboard keys. Again, this greatly reduced the usability of the applet as a replacement for the normal Desktop.

This revision adds the required support to the applet so that navigation to the first and last icons.

Home Sweet Home

Back at home atlast, after long exams. Yippee !!

Gotta work to done, especially on Plasmate. Diego and Yuen have done excellent work and its time to join them to make Plasmate rock.

For more information on Plasmate, visit .

Added Keyboard Navigation to Folder View applet

As pointed out on BUG: 187241 , Folder View applet didn't support navigation using the Keyboard keys, and launching using Enter/Return. This greatly reduced the usability of the applet as a replacement for the normal Desktop.

Having a good time with KDE

I never thought I'd be having so much fun with KDE and FOSS Software as a whole. Its such a good way to learn things and contribute to something which is really beautiful.
In January, I was studying Qt because I found it very interesting, and its cross platform nature really made me to plan serious development.
Then I started to use KDE, which has a very intuitive interface for users. But here comes the real benefit - KDE is a Free Software, so anyone can contribute to the system and improve on it.

Fixed Bug in System Monitor Data Engine

Improved applet FolderView configuration dialog

As reported in BUG: 186283 , the Filter page in the configuration of the Folder View applet behaved differently from user expectation. Some of the files were shown/not being shown when the opposite was expected. This was due to a peculiarity in the design methodology employed.

This SVN Revision does two things -

Added Captioning to System Monitor Network Applet

Previously, the System Monitor Network Applet didn't label the graphs for the network interfaces, making it difficult to know which graph belongs to which interface. This patch fixed the problem.

Here are the screenshots -

Added Feature to Timer Applet for Displaying Caption

As per the feature request BUG: 183673 , the Timer applet will now include an option to set and display a Caption to each Timer. Using this. the user can have different Timers for different things. This takes effect after this SVN Revision.


Screenshot -

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