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Welcome, I'm Shantanu Tushar, currently pursuing B.E. in Computer Science And Engineering at B.M.S. College Of Engineering, Bangalore. You'll find here mostly, apart from my personal details, technical stuff that I am able to put on here. Please share your views and comments in the Feedback section.
Please note that all content here is the best to my knowledge, and I do not take responsibility for any direct/indirect loss caused by following the text herein.

Made the Add Applet... panel context menu option to work

Since the new Widgets Explorer was added to Plasma, the Add Widgets... options from the Panel context menu was not working. I thought it might be fixed later because Widgets Explorer was in heavy development.

Later, on careful observation I found out that the signal is connected to PanelController, which is only shown when the panel toolbox is open.
I submitted my solution which made the PanelView class handle the signal if the toolbox is not open and after some modifications to other libraries by Aaron, the fix was commited.

plasma-panel-add-widget.png630.94 KB



Cool dude u r working a lot for KDE [:)]