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How to make Sify Broadband GNU/Linux client remember username and password

Another fine example of how non-free software can create nuisance is the Sify Broadband GNU/Linux client. It was my mistake that I was happy the moment I found out that they have a GNU/Linux client.

If you're using the client, you know how stripped down the software is as compared to the Windows client. And that comes with its own problems-

  1. You've to create a symlink /usr/lib/ to the on your system. (e.g. On mine its /usr/lib/ -> /usr/lib/ and a symlink /usr/lib/ to the libcrypto on your system. (e.g. on mine its /usr/lib/ -> /usr/lib/
  2. Now if you run sifyconnect (with admin privileges) the damn 'Remember Username and Password' option works only till the next restart.

The reason for (2) is that the details are saved in a file /tmp/.bbpass which is auto-deleted on reboot. So, the easiest solution is to use the following command line (on non-Debian systems, run as root and remove sudo) -

sudo sh -c 'echo filecontent > /tmp/.bbpass' && sudo sifyconnect

where replace filecontent with the contents of the file /tmp/.bbpass on your system.

So much for a crippled software, so far so good. :) If it still doesn't solve your problem, and you've Java installed, try out SuperSify - it works like a charm.