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Welcome, I'm Shantanu Tushar, currently pursuing B.E. in Computer Science And Engineering at B.M.S. College Of Engineering, Bangalore. You'll find here mostly, apart from my personal details, technical stuff that I am able to put on here. Please share your views and comments in the Feedback section.
Please note that all content here is the best to my knowledge, and I do not take responsibility for any direct/indirect loss caused by following the text herein.


Plasmate 0.1-alpha1 release - it feels exciting

There are some moments in life which are just too exciting and thrilling. The best of them came just recently - when Plasmate's first release happened.

Plasmate was started as an application to make creation of Plasma addons like Applets, Runners, Dataengines, Themes easy and fun. A post can be found on Aaron's blog here.

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