My GSoC 2010 Proposal

Many students have been asking for sample proposals for reference so that they can understand how to write a good one. I'm sharing my GSoC 2010 proposal which was accepted for Gluon. Hope it helps smiley


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Gluon GSoC update

(Quite some time since I last blogged, have been busy with life's "last exams" and a project work demonstration in which the examiner says I need to relax and enjoy more. Yeah, right cheeky)

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The Gluon story so far

Beginning of The Plasmoid -

It all started with a GL Applet, one with the ability to provide a OpenGL context in a Plasma applet, put to use. Thanks to Arjen who made some improvments to make it more compatible with some configurations.

The plasmoid then wasn't much fancy, but you could play Invaders on it. I had posted on it here.

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Gluon Team gets a N97 Mini from NOKIA

Today Knut Yrvin walks up to us and says "Hey you guys need a Symbian device to test out your Gluon Player stuff?", takes out a big bag (the ones you generally use in mountain trekking) after digging deep he takes out that shiny box with the sweet little Nokia N97 Mini "Here you go!".


I must say, he did surprise us, Lets rock Gluon :)

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Akademy Day3, my Day2 is Glued with Plasma !!

Had a wonderful sleep last night, despite the fact that it never gets "night" here as there's always some amount of light you see in the sky.

The fun started today, starting with the Nokia Mobility talk, where it was made obvious that Nokia still doesn't support developing apps for a Symbian device, using GNU/Linux, the SDK for Symbian *needs* a Windows environment, as they said. Though thats really not a good thing, but the free snacks was ;)

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Gluon Player Plasmoid, Yay! It works

Right from the time I found about the Gluon project (which I found on the GSoC ideas page), I've been very excited and having loads of fun with the Gluon team (as usual :)

I'm happy to announce that the Plasmoid has taken its first step, displaying a Gluon example game on an OpenGL rendered Plasma applet. The applet is a Plasma::GLApplet which uses the Gluon Framework to create game graphics and output game audio alongwith support for input.

Here's a screenshot (yes, the transparency is a bug)-

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